“I have gone ahead despite the
pounding in the heart that says:
turn back…”

Erica Jong

What we do

We reach inside individuals,
teams and organisations to
find the best they can offer.

“Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it”

Attrib. Goethe

All need boldness;
all have the potential
to create a little magic.

How we do it

“Clear a path by walking it, boldly.”

Tara Mohr

Our tools:
… to deliver better

Communication is the lifeblood
of business. Want some proof?
Here are three real-life examples:

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We can help you align everyone
with changed circumstances,
inspire them to achieve new
goals, and make sure everyone
is committed.

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Our coaching is different. It turns
you inside out, enables you to
find the very best within yourself
and others.

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We offer three different
approaches to training, tailored
to meet your needs.

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Hinton & Co Ltd., Registered Number: 05362367
Registered Office: 30 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LE


Jenny Robinson

I established Hinton & Co 10 years ago to work with individuals and companies to help them flourish.  The concept is much deeper and wider than would normally be applied in most organisations.  Flourishing is about creating that little bit of magic we all need to breathe life into our endeavours.  It implies an enduring ecosystem of relationships – suppliers, colleagues, clients, shareholders, community.  Flourishing quite genuinely is a business being the best it can be.  Connect with Jenny


Mollie Bickerstaff

Where Jenny steps in to hold your hand, Mollie stands back to help you assess and understand the situation objectively, to consider the boundaries set around it, how it is developing and whether you, being part of it, can influence it towards better outcomes.

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From time to time we run short
online presentations,
sometimes with guest speakers,
on topics our clients tell us they
find important, intriguing and
always relevant.

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“Act as if what you do makes a
difference. It does.”

William James